Driving into the Moremi

During the dry season of Botswana which is normally between April and October, driving into the Moremi has nearly equal challenges to driving in the Wet Rainy season. In the dry season you deal with sand and wild animals near the road and those crossing the road. From Maun to Mawana gate is approximately 59km and its easy to drive. From Moremi South gate also known as Maqwee gate the major challenges heading for Xakanaxa will start to show. Detla Guides equips you with a handful of skills to make sure that you drive through with much comfort.


When you are taught about identify whether the sand is deep or shallow gives you the ability to shift perfectly through your entire trip. Shifting is what makes you win and also it’s the other thing that can get your vehicle over-heating.  Drier season is a good season and Delta-Guides just teaches you how to unfold most of the mysteries by using skills which have acquired over a lifetime period; maneuvering around safely and being able to find game and at last you will find yourself pulling onto a sighting like the local guides do, with ease and low revs to avoid disturbances on the sighting.

However the wet season has a different taste of fresh fragrances in the air very green surroundings all the way. This season has huge challenges of driving through water and dealing with mud at the same time. When you are travelling with delta-Guides it’s also very easier for you to understand how it’s done. Making use of detours which in some areas they are tricky to spot but we give you the skill of how to spot those without wasting time. Delta-guides also teach you what to do in case you are on a track that water has just crossed and looks a little deeper for crossing. These challenges appear to be different in some areas and very similar in many. With our leadership in your trip nothing will seem impossible

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