Surviving Savuti

This is one of the greatest areas to visit because the landscape is blanketed by both the Savanna Bushveld and the aquatic vegetation which deadens in the south end of the Savuti Marsh. Having such a combination Savuti can be a nightmare if one isn’t prepared for the terrain and the true simple best preparation is with Delta Guides because they know these areas and have been operating and living in this area for a very long time. The main magic trick in Savute is taking the right roads at the best times and this applies to most game-viewing places in Botswana.

The dry season is the best of our choice and favorite for this area; just meters from the gate, you have a choice to take the Sand ridge (Savuti/Magweqana Sand ridge) road or the Marsh Road. Both these two roads have their challenges. The sand ridge road is sandy and the Marsh is more compact with deepened track marks from people who got stuck there while the mud was still wet and you have to be careful with how to drive through without hurting your differential housing and the engine oil reservoir/sump. This road is great because you enter Savuti from where there is more chances of good game viewing at the waterholes but the question is do you have the full information of where to look or how to get there on time? With Delta Guides all that is a “mystery solved” issue. Finding game in actual fact is about being there at the right time at the right place and this depends on two main things which Delta Guides is prepared to load you with we understand what you are looking for. First it’s in the driving skills which may slow you down and only arrive at scenes at a time when most of the action is gone, second is surely your knowledge of the area; you have to have a rough idea of the main spots and a bit of the animal movement pattern which Delta Guides  has for you.

In the wet season it a place where you can find yourself in mud for a wallow and a swallow at a time you really don’t want it. With all honesty it’s also a great adventure to get stuck and get out of there without a problem and on time. Delta Guide gives you lessons on how to choose the right road during the wet season when you in this area. The type sand mostly found in most favorable areas in Savuti is Black cotton sand very close to clay soil. These two types of sand are always in the same area under mopane trees and along water banks and crossings. Some roads are better avoided because the ground could be very soft and the vehicle may easily sink in.


  • Area Size: 10 878 square kilometers
  • Established in 1967
  • Nearest town: Kasane
  • Allowed Speed limit inside in the Park: 40km/h

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