Leopards in Savuti

I was not up to seeing anything major really but when I was driving along the Savuti river after bush-paintings rock I stopped and was only watching an eagle with a catch and wasn't sure what it caught. Later I heard a noise of a leopard and it was calling for a cub and not too far from where I was. I realised that the pup was very close to where I was and it started calling back and the mother arrived and they reunited. I had to take a few shots.

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  1. Queen
    April 13, 2016 at 13:43

    Wao. That’s awesome..I realy liked your website. Im hoping to learn more from you guys..you are doing a great job. looking forward to be one of your guests into Chobe National Park in one of the good days..keep up the good work that you are doing.. Thanks