A perfect game drive

The lioness was toughening its claws on the tree bark, the pride was very interested in the buffalo herd but it was too hot and they were up wind. The leopard was hunting and was struck by grunts of impalas in a distance and was deciding what to do; real leopards catch impalas and when they do that's when they learn they are still leopards because this antelope is not easy to catch.



I was on the other side of the channel of Savuti where I was with 5 big males(Vuma) and his 4 brothers and a pride of 4 females and 3 cubs. Then one of the big males crossed over to the other side of the channel to feed on a dead elephant whilst close by was a herd of elephants, the sun was setting and the calls of the wild from crickets and frogs and birds were getting louder and louder, it was awesome.

The big lion on early morning territory patrol and the sunset was a real deal at the end of the day. 

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